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We are currently preparing for our biggest fundraiser of the year, our Madness In March bracket/raffle fundraiser. It is based on the college basketball tournament. It is a fun and exciting way to raise money and also get the message out about our work. Take a look Madness In March website at www.madnessinmarch.com.

We began collecting prizes to be given away during the fundraiser in January, and the fundraiser itself will take place in March. You can take a look at our prizes at www.madnessinmarch.com/mimpages/prizes-sponsors.php.

If you would like to donate a prize, please mail to:

Pitch In and Help Out
Sandi Keeney
10628 Vista Heights Blvd
Fort Worth, TX 76108

For more information on this fundraiser, visit our Madness In March website at www.madnessinmarch.com.

Contact us at

sandi@pitchinandhelpout.com or info@pitchinandhelpout.com