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Amanda Mays


Amanda was presented with her scholarship award, plaque, and laptop computer at the All Church Home's graduating senior night. The seniors celebrated with a nice dinner, cake, and photos.

Sandi announces that Amanda Mays is the 2009 scholarship winner and presents her with a plaque.
Sandi presents Amanda with a laptop.

Amanda has fun opening up the box and checking our her new laptop.
Amanda and the Pitch In and Help Out team that attended the Senior Graduation Dinner. Top Row Left to Right - Melvin Burns (Member), Scott Rathbun (Treasurer), Chris Hughes (Secretary) Chad Keeney (Vice President). Bottom Row Left to Right - Sandi Keeney (President), Amanda Mays (Scholarship Winner), and Margie Burns (Member)

See more pictures of the Senior Graduation Dinner Below. We all had a great time!


Q/A with Amanda

What high school did you attend?

Southwest High School


When did you graduate?

I graduated early in January 2009.


What was you highschool GPA?

My GPA was a 3.76.


Where are you atteneding college?

I started attending Tarrant County College in the Fall 2009.


What are your career plans?

I am very interested in computers. I would like to pursue a career as a computer technician as well as have a degree in graphic design.


What clubs and organizations did you participated in during high school?

I was involved in the drama club, theater, and worked on the yearbook.


What community and cultural activities have you been involved in?

I have been involved in ministries by volunteering at vacation bible school and at the Mission in Arlington.


What is your best quality?

My best quality is that I don't give up and I am very teachable. I think these will really help e overcome many problems in my career.


What do you think will be the most difficult part of college?

I think the most hardest part of college will be to have effective time management in keeping school and work balanced.


What is your dream and how do you plan to achieve your dream?

My dream is to make a modest living and to live a life without having to worry about money. I grew up in a home where my mother had major depression problems mostly due to money issues. We lived pay check to pay check, hoping we would have enough money to pay the rent and all of our other bills. When we came up short, my parents would get loans they could barely afford to pay back. We spent countless years in and out of different shelters until my om put my siblings and me into foster care. I plan to achieve my dream by learning the best way to handle and save the money I make, as well as by completing my college courses and getting a stable job. I don't want to be rich, but I do want to be able to provide for myself and even provide for my future family.

The All Church Home for Children had a beautiful Senior Night Dinner complete with this wonderful hors d' oeuvres and a sit down meal.
The TV in the background presented pictures of Amanda and other seniors and wished them luck.

The All Church Home for Children had a beautiful cake for the 2009 Graduates.
Scott and Chris having a good time and are looking forward to eating some of that great cake.

Melvin, Margie, and Sandi are enjoying the beautiful table settings and meeting the seniors.
Sandi and Chad are having fun meeting the seniors and are looking forward to dinner.

Margie gives Amanda a hug of support.
Amanda poses with the other seniors that are graduating.