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Q & A with Elias Daniels

Getting To Know The Scholarship Winners


How did you first hear about the William T. Molden Scholarship?

Toby Owen gave me a packet to fill out.


How did you feel when you found out you had been awarded the scholarship?

Excited. Kind of surprised but felt it was within my potential.


Have you attended a Rangers Game with our group before?



If so, how many have you attended?



If so, what do you remember from the games?

Not too much but Robert, the other scholarship winners remembers a lot and has a story about me in his Q&A.


What clubs and organizations were you involved in during high school?

Football (4 years), Power Lifting (4 years)


What community, church, or cultural activities were you involved in during high school?

I am a member at Rocky Point Baptist Church. I have been in the youth choir, very active in the youth group, and I help with Vacation Bible School.


What honors and awards did you receive during high school?

Academic All-District Award and A/B Honor Roll


What/Who inspired you to go to college?

There isn’t much that you can do without going to college, so I felt that I needed to go so I could better myself.


Has anyone in your family graduated from college?

No one in my family has graduated from college. My mom took some college courses but didn’t finish.


What are your goals during college and how do you plan to achieve them?

My goals are to further my education in psychology and counseling. I may even work all the way up to a doctorate in these fields. I plan to achieve these goals through hard work, passing my classes, and seeing it through until I finish.


How many hours are you enrolled for?



What classes are you enrolled in?


Math 101

English Composition I

General Psychology


Which class do you think will be the hardest and which will be the easiest?

I think that Biology and English will be the hardest and everything else, Math and Psychology will be pretty easy.


What else beyond your college coursework do you think will be the most difficult part of your years attending college?

Balancing work, school, and a social life, and I worry about running out of money.


We at the scholarship committee believe that everyone has a dream. What is your dream?

I have the American Dream. I want to use my education to better myself to become a middle to upper class citizen, and I want to have a nice family and home.


What obstacles may interfere with your dream and how do you plan to overcome them?

Money could be an obstacle but I plan to work hard to overcome it. Another obstacle could be meeting my wife too early before I am able to be a provider.


What are you looking forward to the most during college?

I am really looking forward to meeting new people, fun people, and becoming friends. I am not looking forward to meeting my professors.


What school supplies do you need?



Notebook paper

Printer Paper


Spiral Notebook – 5 Subject



Graphing calculator


Do you prefer college ruled or large ruled notebook paper?

College ruled


You have a laptop and printer, correct?

Yes. I was given a laptop and a printer.


Do you expect to be able to use your laptop to take notes during class?

No. But it will be helpful at the library and my apartment.


Do you have a laptop case or back pack that can hold all of your books and your laptop?



If yes, do you want a backpack that rolls?



Do have a wireless mouse?



Do you have a jump drive?



What are your current living arrangements?

I live with 3 other boys in a 4 bedroom apartment. One of them is the other scholarship winner Robert, who I have lived with before at the All Church Home Ranch.


Do you have an internet connection at home?



How long is your current lease?

1 year. It will expire in July of 2009.


What do you expect to happen when your current lease expires?

It will depend on how things go, but we will probably continue another lease for next year.


Beyond college, what are your career goals and dreams?

I want to help people through counseling. Specifically, I want to be a chemical dependency counselor that helps both teenagers and adults deal with drug abuse problems.


What are your hobbies and what do you do for fun?

I enjoy swimming, spending time hanging out with my friends, and watching movies. My favorite is Pearl Harbor. I am also involved in a lot of fun activities with my church, Rock Point Church. They have a really fun and big college program. I enjoy playing sand volleyball there, attending Thursday night bible studies, and the Saturday night dances.


What is your favorite color(s)?

Blue. I really like all shades of Blue, dark and light.


What are your household needs?

Vacuum cleaner





Do you have a Bible?

Yes. I have a copy of the New International Version. It was given to me by my houseparents, Dustin and Carmen Synder.


Are there special people or memories during your time at ACH that have helped you finish high school and continue your education by going to college?

My mom has always told me to go and stressed how much I needed college.

My houseparents, Dustin and Carmen Synder, are very special to me and were my support during highschool. They did some really nice things to be there for me. For example, they made up a big pre-prom dinner and hosted it at the Ranch so that we could have a fancy dinner for our dates but not have to pay to go out. It was really great.

Toby Owens was also very helpful. He helped me get housing and scholarships and guided me through the process.

All of these people are very special to me and have been a source of encouragement to me to finish high school and go to college.


What are your best qualities and how will they help you succeed in the future?

I am patient, I am a good listener, and I care about people. I believe these are all qualities I need to help me be a good counselor.